From today you can plan and design the store of your dreams!

Let’s be the next thing and give your customers the perfect shopping experience, innovative.

Who we are?

 Tridshops company develops the world’s first complete platform of social shopping three-dimensional (patented), which allows you to establish a business owner to quickly and easily manage virtual stores in three dimensions, which the consumer can roam in real time similar to a regular store. The system also enables feature rich shopping experience to invite Facebook friends and watch any product in 360 degrees. First of its kind shopping experience sales volumes increase by tens of percent.

Our Vision

We are in – Tridshops believe that will be a virtual store system technological change significantly in the shopping network. Our ability to adapt and create a virtual store each business, from architectural design and interior design to implementing the system at the customer, can increase their business presence and sales. Store your dreams is our mission.

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Why Tridshops?

Social Networks

The connection of Tridshops social network Facebook (and later Instagram, Twitter, etc.), allowing customers to share products from the store, ordered the store in real time and expand the customer base.

Innovation and uniqueness

Tridshops offers customers an innovative shopping experience, spectacular and fun interface in three dimensions, designs ready or customized, implementing and iconic brand logo and potentially View products store at 360 degrees.

Easy management interfaces

Tridshops management system offers intuitive and easy to use, which lets you arrange and organize optimally the virtual store and increase sales potential, with no prior knowledge of programming.

Business Potential

Thanks to the experiential system of Tridshops, Time Spent virtual shop customers with increasing your sales potential. Store and display structure which are suitable for sale of a variety of products ranging from jewelry to vehicles.

Customer Relations

Tridshops allows you to interact directly with customers visiting the shop of your dreams and give them, chat online, courteous and efficient service, recommend, advise and lead to purchase.

The most extensive deployment

Tridshops allows you as a business owner to reach a virtual store to your customers to your home computer, smart phone and tablet, and to maximize the exposure and layout of your business anywhere in the world.