Online shopping experience evolution – ready to spring?

Online stores are not a lot of us over 10 years, but in the age of internet speed seems already possible to speak of a traditional building online store. Store, like a supermarket, you know exactly how it will be built – you know exactly how the products are sorted, you know the signs directing you to the product, and you know exactly how your experience will look like pot. There are advantages, but as your regular supermarket, even the experience of online shopping has become painfully predictable, and it is exciting about the same as buying two milk and cottage cheese.

There are a variety of reasons why e-commerce world narrowed his own standard experience. First and foremost, it comes to providing security and certainty to users through a similar experience. The secret original Mkdonlds- same shopping experience that gives confidence in the product – the Internet is also true – when you move users to the “cheese”, they often lose their way, and would rather go to the store will offer a more familiar process in Kenya. Sometimes it is enough that change anything in the form to get skiers to lose their confidence. Another reason lies in the uniformity of the performance issues richer shopping experience. Lack of uniform standards between different browsers and devices, makes the developers are trying to meet the lowest common denominator.

The need to differentiate

McDonald concluded in recent years that they need to refresh their experience in the branches. People are tired of the experience competing networks Standard and Kenya offered different experiences and more focused. So the company started its branches to match the local culture and needs (someone invited Mk’flafl?). So online shopping – unified experience erodes the separation of each Web sales network. Kenya Bnkts very similar (and perhaps too) Kenya Bali Express, and both are similar in total failure Bay and many other sites.

Even the Queen of online sales, knew first to give us a personal experience than ever before, is beginning to lose advantage – and moves to focus on price competition, while eroding profitability for all quickly (especially Google and Facebook are beginning to cast their weight in the field of shopping). The erosion is so great that Amazon and eBay are now competing mainly on differentiation outside the online world – with deliveries and delivery as a differentiator.

The evolution of shopping – occurs now

We are ushering in a new era of entry online shopping. One reason is simply that there is no other choice. As with any evolution, when one species is facing tough conditions he has to adjust itself, or it perished. On the other hand, there is the availability of technology that we have dreamed 10 years ago – from the cloud resources that can be used to run rich media or save a comprehensive personal data, and Big Data and enriched graphics platforms. These methods allow to create new experiences in e-commerce, social custom, and especially differentiated.

Today, both brands invest millions in branding of the network in the physical world, yet offer the same basic experience a network. It’s time to e-commerce executives and brand managers to ask themselves where their brand will be in six months or a year. Will they join the fight hopeless (or rather lack consideration) the price, or the like in the real world, they will take care to wrap their brands with added value, expected to appeal to customers and increase profits for them on the Internet.

Karen Brown woolly onecode is CEO and leading the development of the Seed Company Tridshops.